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HTML to XML Parser for Blogger Template

  • Convert & to &
  • Convert < to &lt;
  • Convert > to &gt;
  • Convert " to &quot;
  • Convert ' to &#039;

Convert HTML to XML Parser – This HTML or Adsense code parser is very easy to use. If done manually it will take a long time to turn on the html code into the xml format. This tool is very easy and accurate in Converting HTML to XML.

How to use? If you enter the html code in the top box, the parse code will automatically connect to the box below, you only have to send or copy the code where you use it on your blogger account.

Adsense parsers will make google adsense, chitika, infolink, adbrite, ads for other code for XML code. Blogger templates do not allow to use html code into xml. You can use very much for every blogger user

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